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Thoughts from artists about working with Ray in the studio...


Howard Willett - Blue Smoke (Jazz/Blues)

Mixed and Mastered by Ray Montford
plus o'd recording, co-produced

Working with Ray Montford was both a pleasure and an education. In tense situations Ray always answered the bell with calm determination. His dedication to my project was next to none. With his musical ears, experience and sonic aesthetic, he created this really cool modern and 'ol time sound, at the same time.  The bottom line is that I have and album that I am very proud of.  Ray had so much to do with that!

Toronto-Arkansas drum session, with facetime link

Working with Ray Montford can be described in two words, simple and easy.  In addition to being a talented musician, producer and engineer, Ray also promptly returns his emails and phone calls!  It was a great experience.

I hired Ray to multitrack drums for an independent project for which he recommended Ben Riley as the drummer.  Ben is also an accomplished producer and arranger, so, I had the value of two great minds to help with the session.  Since I am in Arkansas and Ray is in Canada, the project held some logistical challenges that were resolved with technology.  We exchanged a few emails and phone calls to organize the project.   On the day of the drum recording session, we began with a meeting via FaceTime at 9 a.m. in the morning and by 5 p.m. we had produced drum tracks for 5 songs. Throughout the day, we listened via FaceTime to each new track recorded in Ray's Soundhole Studio.  Ray and Ben both communicated a sincere interest to make sure I was satisfied with each track. I am extremely pleased with the results.
- Wade Black



David Bradstreet - Lifelines (Folk/Roots)

Recorded and Mixed by Ray Montford

"Ray brought to "Lifelines" a compassionate ear and a lot of heart. He knows when the magic is in the air and captures it in the spirit of great engineers like Phil Ramone and David Green. He listens and becomes a partner in the music. If you are looking for a studio for your next project, look no further. My deep thanks to Ray for facilitating what is, so far, my favourite of all my albums."
- David Bradstreet



John Moore - Neutral to Drive (Rock)

Mastered by Ray Montford

 "Soundhole studio gives an artist the space and comfort for their creativity to flourish, the warm tones that they capture make it an enjoyable environment for any music to grow in." 
- John Moore

Quintessence Handbell Ensemble - Ring of Bronze (Classical)

Live remote recording in a church

Recorded, Edited, Mixed & Mastered by Ray Montford

"Being a very gifted musician himself, Ray has a deep understanding of how to create a great performance. He is able to use this insight to inspire and capture the heart and soul of other artist's music. His musical creativity, together with his extensive technical expertise in all aspects of the recording process, gives him a unique ability to bring to life a truly amazing recording project. Ray is a warm and caring person who is a joy to know, and it has been an amazing experience and a blessing to work with him on our own recording."
heather keith - Quintessence Handbell Ensemble



 Autorickshaw - Four Higher (World)


Mixed by Ray Montford

Juno Nomination

"Ray Montford mixed our album Four Higher up at Pucks Farm, using a slew of vintage gear, and an old school un-automated board. His experience shone through, giving the album a wonderfully rich, airy sound with a fat bottom end. Ray is an excellent engineer with big, musical ears, and he's a pleasure to work with. If you're looking for the best of the analogue and digital worlds, Ray is your man. Audiophile quality."
- Ed Hanley




Cris Cuddy - This Little World (Rootsy, Rock, Bluesy)

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Ray Montford

Recorded live-off-the-floor in 2 days and mixed in a couple of days as well.

"Working with ray was a pleasure, he has the ears of a musician and the vision of a producer and that makes him an engineer with the best of all worlds in my view.  Not only that but I found his space very comfortable for working and to top it off he is a bright, thoughtful and engaging guy... my hat is off to him and I look forward to working with Ray again."
- Cris Cuddy

 A collection of midi-programmed tracks that were Mastered by Ray Montford

"Yes, Ray gets great sounds, without a doubt. His true talent, however, lies in his musicality. Whether engineering, producing, mastering or playing guitar, the music always comes first. He brings out the best in everyone." - brilliantfish

Shawna Caspi - Paint By Numbers (Singer-Songwriter)

Mastered by Ray Montford

"My songs are very guitar-based and I think it was Ray's background as a guitarist that gave him the ears to really bring out all the intricate parts and make them sparkle. Harsh edges were smoothed away and the record as a whole just glowed thanks to Ray's detailed and creative mastering. On top of it all, Ray is a friendly and helpful guy who loves music! "
- Shawna Caspi



Phillipe Flahaut (French Blues/Rock)

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Ray Montford


Tricycle (Bluegrassy-Jazz-Fusion)

Recorded and Mixed by Ray Montford

"Ray Montford has big ears and a sonic sensibility to match. His attention to detail, texture and tone really brought our music to life."
- Jayme Stone



The Choir Girlz - Girl Time (Folk-Jazz w/Harmonies)

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Ray Montford

"Working with Ray, his fine-tuned ears, his easy-going personality and his marvellous up-to-date equipment was a completely positive experience for the
ChoirGirlz. Lots of room to record a whole band. Bright, airy. CD sounds fabulous! Soundhole, and Ray totally ROCK! We'll do it again soon! "

- Debbie Fleming

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