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Receiving your thoughts on my music is like opening a gift where shiny little stars fly out... your impressions often inspire me to continue making music!

Thank You, Rayfans at a recent house concert in Ray's studio/loft space

You are the best guitar player I have ever heard. keep me posted on any upcoming concerts so I can hear you live.

Aaahhhh!  the favourite cd for sitting by the fire was "early sessions".

I wish to thank you for your kind heart and great hospitality. I don't know many people who would invite strangers into their home, especially on a Sat. night and play music for them!

wow i bought your latest cd on january 2008

wow that was something and some feelings i was looking for since a long time...
a story teller on guitar, fantastic
i was on beach in Cuba last may
you were so good in my cd player with the beach...
hope to see you soon around montréal

i write some poems and short story (in french)
you are part of my writnig/process now , thank you again
thanks for all the good vibrations  
yesterday i bought another one of your cd
and BANG again the same good feeling is there...
wow great, keep up on those good waves
what a story teller you are

Thank you SO much for sending me the original CD copy of your album "Shed Your Skin". I LOVE IT!! You are a very talented artist!  I really appreciate the fact that you gave me that CD out of your own collection, thus making it much more special. Thanks for signing the CD and writing me a letter explaining everything. Thanks So Much!!!
My name is Joel Bisson and I am a fan of your music. I really enjoy your soulfull guitar and deep music. I went out west this summer and did some work in saskatoon and I heard the song "One Witness". For the last 6 months its been in my head and I would love to hear it again.

I was visiting a friends home and they put on your CDs ... they were positively bursting with joy about your music and told me they had sent copies to their friends and families in Turkey.  They were quite surprised when I mentioned i knew you -  i encouraged them to continue buying your stuff.  But your music seems to be traveling around the world!  Congrats !

I LOVE the music on this album, Live Imagery. So passionate, vibrant and melodic. I'd encourage you to send this out for bigger distribution... Hope your 'Music For Your Senses' gets to a wider audience.

I am from Turkey and living in west for almost 10 years. I have stop and note the music in my car twice in my life, I am 43 years old, first for Loreena McKennit and second for Ray.  I do not know what is about their music that captures so much colors all around the world. It is great to listen.  Listening him going around the world for me; I am in Turkey, in India, Europe in the Cathedral, in an Indian village. 
It cheers me up,  fills me in. Great talent to be able to do that.

Heard you, for the first time, on CBC’s “Fresh Air” this morning, and became an instant fan. Am looking forward to purchasing your CDs.

Ray, That was a beautiful concert last night. You’re guitar playing is such a combination (to my senses) of many things. Like listening to a jazzy line played with a more ‘country’ tone. You mix things up and I love that.  And I really enjoyed the way you gave everyone the spot light, to do what they do.  Sometimes I liked to shut my eyes for the fullness of it all to be felt.

To this day, I listen to your music daily and it sets aside that which otherwise might haunt me or incapacitate me. This is your gift, for which I am eternally grateful.

Thank you for a beautiful concert last week. It was so great to see you, Rob and the band again.  Your music is powerful and moving, and the experiences of late that have literally brought you to your knees have brought an even deeper compassion and wisdom to your playing.

One of the things that impressed me most about the album was the absolutely drop dead amazing sonics! To dumb that down with the compression of an MP3 would be tantamount to a criminal act.

I received the CD that you sent me today. I am very, very impressed with your guitar work. You are a very accomplished musician. I play every day but have never reached your level. It is inspiring.

To this day ,Shed Your Skin ,is still my favourite "2 channel" listening disc.His acoustic is haunting and thrills to this day.

I'm listening to you right now from my studio on palmerston and college... that vox sounds amazing echoing down the street... amazing tone. it's bouncing off all the buildings and brick walls and sounds fabulous...  like a stadium or something... i wish i could here that every night!

I have been enjoying your music for years and was wondering if you have considered a recording on vinyl for audiophiles. Contrary to popular belief, vinyl records are far superior to CD and music like yours deserves to be heard as close to the original as possible.

Me Miss, Miraculously Mesmerizing Musical Moments Meeting, Montford.  My Marrow's Mortified! 
Wee Willie Winkie

Just wanted to say how much i enjoyed one of your sets last night down on Queen St.  The Long Road was incandescent!!!, i can't think of any other word, absolutely beautiful (there's three words!!).  I have not been so moved in a long time; you, and your excellent accompianists, made the evening for me. So much great music and yours touched me the most. Intelligent, demanding and involving.

Talk about 'street cred', you had a serious crowd of folks leaning into your music on Friday I'm thinking Ray!  Great job and it was awesome to finally see you play live and with the added bonus of being up so close to your performance.  Really really cool man.  You laid it all out on Queen St. for sure.

I am the artist/painter that met you initially at the One Of A Kind arts show yearsssssssss ago.  Your music is the best to paint to.

Since I saw you for the first time many years ago at the Beach Jazz Festival (back than street cars were still running on Queen street during the festival) I always wait for something new from you. On the bad days or whenever I want to to go away for a while I turn on your music and I travel to the better places.  Thanks for your music.

It was such a pleasure to see you singing after a few years. You are a wonderfully blessed man.

A friend put me in touch with your music last year, and I've been happily listening to your "Live Imagery" CD (and after the jazz fest "A Fragile Balance").
Keep up the great, soulful, work!

I'm the guy who told your drummer, "You're a f__king awesome drummer, man!"

We had a fantastic time seeing you and Co. playing and ripping away on Queen St (loved hearing the favourites like Spirit Runner, but also that incendiary blues/rockin’ finale Thursday!!). We both are so impressed with A Fragile Balance, too. Clearly a lot of love went into this CD; your usual exquisite artistry…

The ambience was great, two words: goose bumps.  Congratulation to all the band.  Hope to be at one of your concert soon.

Thank you for such great music. My wife and I both were fascinated with Ray's work -- no, "art"!  Here are a couple images that I've "painted" as paintography. It's an acquired taste. It's an approximation of impressionism.

Your new cd has been on my player in repeat mode since I got it. I found that while it still sounds like a RM cd you have pushed your music another step further; each song is like a perfectly crafted little jewel.

Ray, your new record, "A Fragile Balance,"  a brilliant collection of gems, beautifully flows, igniting the mind with wondrous images, touching the heart with its gentle sounds, filling the soul with hope and passion, a fantastic journey for sure.

I have been listening to your CD "Many Roads" and have been enchanted by your unique sound (over and over). Your music has beautified my life (even
if temporarily).  I have been learning guitar since March, and bought an Aria AK 35.

So, my 8-year old son heard a tune of yours being played on the radio last week - on Fresh Air, I think.  it was morning, and he was just waking up.  he started shouting "mom, mom, what's this music?"...  he needed to know, as he's got keen ears and a voracious appetite for music... anyway, when I heard the back-announce and told him what it was, he somehow heard "Gray Monsters".  thought you'd find that (and the fact that you've got an 8-year old fan) amusing.

“One damn fine finger picker and that other fella is a helluva skin slammer as well!”
Bill Kidd

Just a short note to tell you how much we enjoyed the concert.  We've seen you at a number of venues over the years (C'est What, Harbourfront, Hugh's Room, Alumnae Theatre etc.) and this was certainly a highlight.
Joe & Karen

I just wanted you to know Suzanne sent me a copy of your latest.  I absolutely love it!  Fantastic!  I imagine if you're in Wakefield over Christmas I'll see you there.

Bee- u-ti-ful. There is space between the notes... wonderful.

My wife and I attended your concert on the 17th. We went for my 60th birthday. On a scale of 1 to 10 it was a 12. I listen to 'A Fragile Balance' everyday. I have loved your music for many years and it is great to have an opportunity to actually tell you.  The musicians you play with are so amazing. I love the guy on the drums.  I have been really blessed this year because I got to see my two favourite musicians: Daniel Lanois and Ray Montford.
Robert (Silver Fish)

Have you and Bruce Cockburn ever considered jamming together in front of an audience?... I'm sure that would be a lot of fun!  After all you probably both have more than one thing in common.

Just a quick note that the LPs arrived safely, It is really good, in heavy rotation, well done!
John T

The first time I heard your music was when I was browsing for interesting guitar music and came across your CD The Early Sessions which is one of my favorite records now.

Hi Ray, sorry to bother you but I just heard you today on the CBC and i just have to say that your music is some of the most beautiful that i have heard in a long, long time.   You just made a new fan and I'll be picking up your c.d.s for sure.

I heard the song Honour the land on CBC yesterday. I was so impressed that I pulled over and wrote down the name of the album and song, and your first name. I have not heard any of the other songs but I have bought the album. You music in that one song was outstanding. I expect the rest of the album will leave me feeling the same way.  I am glad that you are a Canadian.

Wow!  Just happened to catch "The Healing" on CBC Radio 2's Sunday morning program , "Weekender".  You have created an instant fan and I have your website bookmarked.  Amazing music!

Hi, I recently heard your "when darkness takes flight" on CBC radio, it caught my attention, the sound is great.

I am a major fan of your music and I have a huge respect of you as a person.  I also wanted to let you know that all of your discs are on my top listening rotation and will remain there.  Keep up the fantastic music Ray.

We just wanted to thank you, Rob and the rest of your crew for a lovely evening.  It is always a pleasure to sit back, relax and listen to you express yourself on your instruments.

Too bad for the folks who had to cancel...they missed an outstanding concert experience!  It was certainly well worth the drive from Burlington to join you for this special event.

Thank you very much for a wonderful evening.  The intimate setting and informal interaction, together with your fantastic music, made for an unforgettable experience.
Eric and Marion

Just needed to tell you again how truly ..well..magic..Saturday evening was.  The magic is that wonderful moment that only comes when experiencing music live; that moment when I am pulled completely into the sound and the performance...nothing else seems to exist.

Ah man...what can i say? Your home studio show with Rob was a whole new experience about being inside your music.  What a great emotional night you gave to us all. But then again, Isn't that what you've always been about.  As long as you keep giving, we'll keep listening.  Thanks Ray

The last show was indeed a Magic Hour, the people were all nice and friendly, your place is really cool, your relation with Rob so warm and creative, and the music was just so inspiring, so natural, just made you happy to be alive!

Very nicely done, Ray.  Guitars sound great.  John, Steve and George sound great.  Brilliant FIsh sounds more Brilliant than Fish.  Kudos all around.
John T

You guys did a fantastic job on College this weekend.   Please keep me posted of future events.

I just finished hearing your CBC radio interview five minutes ago and was very inspired by your music and story.  One day I will be at the same peace and contentment that those like yourself feel.

My husband and I loved your music and philosophy.  The best part was our 14 month old son Will connected to your music more than anything he's heard so far I'd say. He was moving around in a trancey sort of dance, with this pensive happy face. cool. we'll have to buy some CD's! thanks for creating. The balance you speak about sounds like yin and yang to me. In all light there is a bit of dark and in all dark, there is a bit of light.

Your music infuses many life moments.

My wife just purchased your excellent album "A Fragile Balance" on eMusic.  I've got to say it's a wonderful find!  Your playing reminds me of David Gilmour.  Great stuff.  

I could watch you and Rob play all night!  Fresh, inspiring, intimate, the soul ripped bare... holy...!

Just a short note to say how much we enjoyed the concert on Saturday night.  What a great idea!  We really appreciated the opportunity to hear your music in such a wonderful, intimate environment, and your new songs are great!
Joe and Karen

I just wanted to say what a great time we all had. You and Rob sounded so,so good. It was amazing to be there in such great company (looking out at the city view!) and to hear such fine music.

I can't believe that 7 years have passed since I heard a bit of your music while attending the Sound and Image Festival held in Montreal. Over the years I have received many emails and invitations to your shows. I am glad that I finally decided to check out a show........thus some new fans are born.   I purchased 2 of your CD's at your show and the music is excellent! Can't wait for your next performance.