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Shoot a 24p live video w/ state-of-the-art audio in sync of your music, in a NY style loft with wonderful natural lighting 

What you get

  •  HD video with state-of-the-art audio in sync - no editing required! (use for web, youtube, DVD etc.)
  • plus, Pro Tools audio files (use for live CD, promo or to sync for multi camera shoot (optional with extra camera, if you provide)
  • choose 5 of your best songs
  • best suited to acoustic-based music, since stereo mic records your mix balance
  • can be done as a private session (greater focus / retakes) or with a small audience

Private session - $500

  • For natural daylight shoots - book any day of the week - 12 pm slot or something close, for best natural light
    or book an evening with simple gel lighting.

Session with small audience - $650

  • invite friends, fans, family (up to 18 max)
  • charge a cover to help recoup costs (optional) and sell your cds
  • please bring a friendly person to help with the door, merchandise and coffee/snacks (if you're going that route)

Contact Ray or call 416-465-5553 (dur. biz hours)

Soundhole Studio
50 Carroll St., Toronto

Tech stuff

Audio will be recorded with a high-end Stereo Royer Ribbon mic, through a studio/mastering path into Pro Tools and also into the camera direct.