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Specializing in album projects (recording, production & mixing), offering special flat-rate packages on per project basis, to suit your needs and budget.  As a courtesy and for no additional fee, I often include my experience as a producer (which is normally costly when hiring someone else - often more than the studio budget).  As the scope of each project is different, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can discuss your vision or to make a booking.

Mastering - flat rates per album or EP (depending on program length).



"Ray Montford mixed our album Four Higher up at Pucks Farm, using a slew of vintage gear, and an old school un-automated board. His experience shone through, giving the album a wonderfully rich, airy sound with a fat bottom end. Ray is an excellent engineer with big, musical ears, and he's a pleasure to work with. If you're looking for the best of the analogue and digital worlds, Ray is your man."

- Ed Hanley (Autorickshaw)

"Ray brought to "Lifelines" a compassionate ear and a lot of heart. He knows when the magic is in the air and captures it in the spirit of great engineers like Phil Ramone and David Green. He listens and becomes a partner in the music. If you are looking for a studio for your next project, look no further. My deep thanks to Ray for facilitating what is, so far, my favourite of all my albums."

- David Bradstreet

"I would particularly like to thank Ray Montford for his work and dedication on this recording.  He brought me back to believing in the mysterious joy in making a record." 
- from Ian Tamblyn's 'Let It Go' album (liner notes)

 "Ray was not just the producer and recording engineer.  He was a true collaborator.  His contribution was enormous. In every track, every take, every performance, Ray brought out the best in all of us.  He helped make this dream into a reality." 
- Jim Love

"Working with producer/engineer Ray Montford was both a pleasure and an education. In tense situations Ray always answered the bell with calm determination. His dedication to my project was next to none. With his musical ears, experience and sonic aesthetic, he created this really cool modern and 'ol time sound, at the same time.  The bottom line is that I have and album that I am very proud of.  Ray had so much to do with that!
- Howard Willett